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When Payment is Due

       Water/Sewer/Trash Bills are due by the 10th of each month.


Where to remit payments

       Mail payments to PO Box 143 Freeburg, MO 65035 or place in drop box outside City Hall.



       Should service be terminated for non-payment a charge of $50.00 is assessed to reactivate service.


For Billing Questions contact, Water Clerk.

For questions on hook up, disconnect, or service, contact Commissioners


Trash Service

       Republic Services ~ Phone: 1(800) 455-2597

       (Exclusive contract within the City Limits)


          Pick up service is each Thursday. Have trash at curbside in                       provided totes by 6:00 a.m.
       Commercial Accounts will be billed directly from Republic Services           for Trash.

       Inclement Weather Notices - We are now able to provide you with an automated           call notifying you of any delays due to inclement weather. We can also notify you           about delays in routes and holiday schedule changes.


Electric Service

       Provided by Ameren MO or Three Rivers Electric, depending on your location.



Water/Sewer Complaint

Water Works


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